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The Teachings of
Master GiDa
Hey there! Here, we'll go over some neat little "FUN FACTS!" that you're gonna wanna know when playing the game! Remember: the gamer's battle begins before gameplay itself!
by: Master Wazada
Unlock Travis's Newest Abilities!
Underneath the motel that acts as your base of operations, there's a big laboratory.
Here, you can use the junk that Travis has collected via volunteer missions to create "Death Glove Chips", which all have their own special properties that can help Travis in battle and exploration. Travis can equip up to three at a time!
Also, you can use the WESN (World End Super Nova) acquired by battling aliens to boost Travis's power and Beam Katana battery life, unlock special actions, and power-up Travis's own special abilities!

Take on all different kinds of missions and battles and change Travis into his ultimate form! Create "Death Glove Chips", which all have their own special properties that can help Travis in battle and exploration. Travis can equip up to three at a time!
Fast Travel Service
When traveling back and forth between the various areas of Utopiland, I recommend using the Fast Travel service installed in Travis's trusty bike, the "Dem Zam Tiger"!
Using this service, you can zip around the vast areas of Utopiland, without any of the usual stress or hassle!
Also, the service is totally free!
Adventure Part
Remember the text adventure parts in the spin-off, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes? Well now they've been brought over into the official numbered series, too!
The sidestory, a sort of behind-the-scenes look at the Galactic Superhero Rankings, is a must-see for any Suda51 fan!
Toilet Save
No more than 10 hours of gaming per day! Give your body some rest after saving on the toilet!
In the motel, just before boss fights, toilets you've finished Toilet Rescue on... there are lots of places to handle your business!
I should've introduced myself sooner, but my name is Taro Wazada!
My gamer buddies usually call me Master Wazada!

Whether you're playing for the first time, or are a No More Heroes veteran back for more, don't worry!
I'll appear in the game from time to time to help teach you the ropes!
Difficulty Levels
As for difficulty level, you can choose from "BERRY SWEET", "BITTER", and "SPICY"!
"BITTER" is probably best for action-centric gamers who want a bit of bite to their action!
If it's your first time, we've got "BERRY SWEET", which is chock full of helpful stuff and is super noob-friendly!
If you really think you've got what it takes, try taking the "SPICY" challenge!
Collaborations with Famous Brands!
Slap on your favorite T-shirt and get killing!
You know what you can score in-game by fulfilling all sorts of different conditions? T-shirts!
In this latest title, we've got t-shirts designed by gamemakers like "Devolver Digital", clothing brands such as "glamb" and "FREAK", and more!
Slap on your favorite t-shirt and a smile, and then get out there and get killing!