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Rich & Fulfilling (?) Part-time Jobs!

Lawn MowingIt costs a pretty penny to take part in the Galactic Superhero Ranking battles.
To gather the required funds, Travis must take on various requests (Volunteer Missions) from people around town to earn cash (UtopiCoins).
  • Lawn Mowing
    Taking the lives of untold lawns, and making it look cool.
    Now THAT'S a true assassin.
  • Toilet Rescue
    Toilet's clogged up? Never fear.
    Travis is here.
  • Defense Missions
    Offer some much-needed lifestyle guidance to the pesky aliens popping up around town.
  • Defense Missions (Shooting)
    Change into Bougainvillea Mode and protect the planet from gigantic space monsters.
  • Trash Collection
    Do your part in helping to keep the city clean while knocking out some gators.
  • Coast Guard
    Hop into a tank and fire away at the encroaching gator hordes.
    Exactly the kind of work you need an assassin for, really.
  • Bike Missions
    Get on your bitchin' bike and educate some of the less refined drivers out there in the ways of traffic safety.