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Galactic Superhero RankingSanta Destroy: Reborn! Zoom around the free map!

In addition to the series' traditional setting, Santa Destroy, four more new and ecclectic areas have also been added!
Jump on the "Dem Zam Tiger" - Travis's trusty motorcycle - and explore all kinds of varied and funky areas.

Take on the various battle missions and tongue-in-cheek volunteer missions available in each area in order to raise the money you'll need to enter the ranking battles!

Main Locations
  • Santa Destroy
    Travis's beloved hometown,
    as seen in previous installments.
    Home sweet home, as seen in previous installments.
    Characters such as Shinobu and Bad Girl have moved in, actually giving it more of a "home bad home" vibe.
    Hidden underground is the huge, tree-ified "Dr. Naomi's Laboratory".
  • Perfect World
    This area is home to residential areas
    and diners and such,
    and gives off a nostalgic feeling of
    good ol' American suburb life.
  • Thunderdome
    A barren wasteland,
    covered with
    sprawling salt flats.
    Neo Osaka
    The redlight district on the outskirts of the Thunderdome.
  • Call of Battle
    A survival-based area recreating
    a war-torn battlefield.