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Exhilarating Slash Action!

Taking advantage of the intuitive controls,
the exhilarating slash action is now even more hardcore than ever before!
  • "Beam Katana"
    "Smash those buttons to prevent your foe from getting the upper hand!
    Slice through your opponents like butter with the Beam Katana!"
  • Remember to Charge!
    Keep an eye on your power levels!
    Be sure to charge your Beam Katana whenever you get the chance.
  • Death Glove Skills
    Use the four special skills provided by the "Death Glove" Travis equips to destroy your enemies even more strategically and badass-ically!
    1. Death Kick
    Use the power of the Death Glove to teleport right next to your target!
    Unleash a merciless Death Kick to knock your enemy back and leave them wide open for attack!
    2. Death Force
    Use the power of the Death Glove to generate a force field!
    Watch as its devastating power sends your foes flying!
    3. Death Slow
    Use the power of the Death Glove to slow down time in a set area!
    Time "speeds up" for Travis!
    Take a break and recover some health, or just annihilate everyone in the vicinity.
  • Pro Wrestling Moves
    Get up behind your enemy to toss them like trash!
  • Sushi
    When in a pinch, munch on some sushi for all sorts of effects - from health recovery to various buffs!
  • Slash Reel
    Spin the slots each time you defeat an enemy!
    Match up the pictures for a variety of special effects!
  • Retry Roulette
    Game over? No problem!
    Give the Retry Roulette wheel a spin!
    Come back for revenge with even more powerful attacks!
  • Full Armor Travis
    Transform into "Full Armor Travis" once certain conditions are met.
    Travis's devastating power makes for exponentially more strategic and dynamic battles!